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About Dubai Housing

Having difficulty in finding your dream home? Want to sell your property or contemplating your selection? Here is where we can help you!

Dubai Housing is your prompt property advisor and consultant finding the best deals for you. With our portal and in depth experience and exposure in real estate industry you are bound to get more value for your investment. Dubai Housing will provide you end to end property advisory solutions and post purchase services will be offered to you like Rental, Resale, PMC (Property Management services) and More..

For quite some time our intention has been to revolutionize the real estate industry. This is what drove the passion and vision behind Dubai Housing resulting in a user friendly portal that combines essential elements of real estate to give you the best properties for purchase or sale. Unlike our competitors, we believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients. From investment to rental and resale, we handle all your property related requirements quickly and efficiently. Enjoy our end to end assistance with ZERO advisory charges.

We, at Dubai Housing, follow a simple yet effective process that enables us to find the best possible deal for you. Our primary goal is to help our clients get profitable deals without going through cumbersome efforts and head scratching paperwork.


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Several years of experience under our belts


Critical understanding of real estate market in Dubai

Transparent Advisory

Unbeatable choice for people with any requirement or budget