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Apartments for Rent in Dubai

Over the last few decades, the United Arab Emirates has evolved itself into the most promising international tourism, commercial, and residential sector. Visiting this region counts as a newfound exposure, as it does not bear a resemblance to any other place on the planet. Especially the Dubai emirate has experienced a high rise in the tourist industry and transformed itself into becoming the most visited place across the globe. Dubai is now a hub to the most unusual, most fascinating architecture on the face of this planet.

With its forever evolving lifestyle, Dubai is gaining popularity among foreigners as well. People from all around the world are considering to move here for jobs and other lavish amenities of life. Hence, the real estate industry in Dubai is blooming with property opportunities in the residential sector.

Finding a perfect furnished apartment for rent in Dubai is not easy. However, Dubai Housing brings you a variety of deals in the residential sector of Dubai real estate. With our in-depth exposure and experience in the real estate industry, we offer our clients the best value for their money.

This city has now dynamically changed into a real cosmopolitan. Contrary to popular opinion, the region is not known for oil extraction anymore. Rather more, its well-being is, at present, based on revenues come from industries such as the financial sector, tourism, and real estate.

Inspired by its opportunities and luxuries, people settling in UAE are constantly on a lookout to find affordable apartments in Dubai. Our agents at Dubai Housing, handle all our client’s requirements efficiently ensuring a smooth transition into the new luxurious world of residence with all amenities of life.

Dubai Housing – your go-to realtors for finding your dream home in Dubai

We are a dynamically developing real estate company providing our clients with services for sale, purchase, lease, and elite real estate dealings in UAE. We offer you only the best top-quality apartments for rent in Dubai. We pride ourselves in taking full responsibility for lease terms and other factors. Looking through our list of hot residential opportunities, you will see that we deal in only what’s best for our clients and us.

Looking for furnished apartments in Dubai? Get in touch with Dubai Housing. Let us reason you why:

Exceptional Service.

Dubai Housing’s top priority is its customer’s demands, always. Keeping in mind the quality of construction, location, and all other lifestyle factors, we provide top-level services offering you selective but finest listings.


Our mantra for real estate is’ choose what’s best, not what’s cheap’. We pay attention to your budget, you pay attention to our offers - that’s how business is done at Dubai Housing.


An expert and professional awaits for you at Dubai Housing. Our extensive market experience is always there to give a piece of advice on any opportunity that interests you.