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Over the past few years, Dubai’s real estate market has been booming with every passing day. A high rise in the number of real estate opportunities has been seen throughout the region. Since then the city has become a melting pot of opportunities for millions of emigrants. As a result, the city’s population has increased, creating a high demand for commercial and residential real estate aimed at property finders in Dubai for rent.

The most common types of property dealings in Dubai are residential units, office spaces, rental apartments, and shops for rent. Buying or renting a property has become an immediate choice for expats, especially for those who land first in Dubai. As the city continued to develop, they foresaw the upcoming wave of expats and planned the situation dynamically. That is why the real estate sector in Dubai has an ample supply of property openings for rent that caters every individual's needs and preferences. And we are the bridge that leads you to those opportunities!

Dubai Housing is a one-stop-shop to deal with all your property matters in Dubai. We bring you exceptional property offers that are not only in our best interest but yours as well. Our exposure and excellence is our pride; with us, the entire process of real estate dealing in Dubai goes smoothly. From finding the best opportunity to leasing it for you, we make sure every step is performed with accuracy.

Prime real estate hub of Dubai, Downtown Dubai

The heartbeat of modern Dubai – Downtown Dubai, is famous for its chic ‘CITY’ apartments. This is the place where you will witness some of the most famous landmarks in Dubai, such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and the Dubai Fountain. The locality offers a vast range of lavish property solutions for those looking to maintain a lifestyle here in Dubai. As a top-rated property advisor in Dubai, we recommend this area to most of our clients because of the standard of living that it offers. Moreover, Downtown Dubai’s fancy touristy charms make it more attractive for expats.

Dubai Sports City, a paradise for high standard living

Sports City is viewed as a 'city within a city'. This is the locality where you can get everything that you desire on your doorstep. Sports City hosts every basic to luxurious amenities of life; from state-of-the-art sports venues and international sporting events, sports academies, recreational sporting facilities and residential and commercial projects, to all the with all the high-standard basic amenities expected in a purpose-built city, including international schools, medical facilities, hotels, community centers and entertainment venues, this locality has everything you can ever imagine.

In addition to the sporting facilities, properties in Dubai Sports City boasts significant residential and commercial developments. This ‘city within a city’ is all about providing its residents with an unbeatable and exclusive lifestyle, propped-up with multiple sports and leisure activities, with every possible amenity available right at your doorstep.